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Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant Experience


January 7, 2013 (3:20 PM)

At first I was just reading the ‘Allegiant’ only so I can finally finish the trilogy/series because the last trilogy I read I didn’t finish and I felt bad. I don’t want to do it again, not finishing something I started. I don’t want to be that kind of a reader so I forced myself to finish this last book. Yes ‘forced’ because the first few pages until the middle I felt was dragging and boring and didn’t catch my interest anymore. When I was still reading the second book I was almost convince that this was just ‘another’ post war-sort of sci-fi novel, like hunger games just told in a different story. The second book didn’t go along my expectations compared to the first one. So by the time I started reading the third book, I lost interest and no longer ‘too caught up’ in the story. 

You can also say that what kept me moving in finishing this was also because of curiosity. Curiosity to what will happen to the characters, who else will die and how will the story end? As much as it was boring to me, the last few chapters the ones in the climax turned out to be the other way. It was powerful that you couldn’t help but keep on flipping the pages and before you know it you are in the last few pages. I must commend that the story turned out to be UNEXPECTED. I couldn’t have predicted some of it. Of course I always knew that they will eventually sort it all out and end the conflict but this one I didn’t expect: The main character to die. Now, where can you find a main character to get slacked out of his/her own story? Few or even none! I admire the author for not holding back, for being brave, for going out the normal usual safe ending, for killing the main character so the story will have a just and proper ending. She could have just easily chosen not to, but she still did it and believes that it will be good for the story.

And as expected finding yourself in the last few pages of a good story is always, emotional, sad, terrible, wretch, hollow,horrible and heart-rending <insert all negative awful feelings here> . I know I said that I was already eager to finish the story but then you always change your mind when you find yourself at the end. Maybe because you shared the journey with the characters, their story sort of makes you feel that it is your story too, that you feel like also a character and with them the whole time. Being a reader there’s a feeling that a story gives you, an attachment. For me, I am already used to the presence of ‘Aisa’(sorry I changed the name of the main character, Beatrice to mine. Don’t ask. One of the weird things I do) Four, Christina, Uriah (who unfortunately died), Cara and Caleb. With a good story come learnings and realizations from every character you encounter, for example.

  • Aisa (Beatrice) – I admire how she is a bit of every factions. She may not be Abnegation at first but along the way she learned how to be one. She is a few of an Erudite in a sense that she figured out all that was going on, she is smart and even though a lot of people kept her from the truth she still managed to dig up and see what’s really going on. A Candor, though she may not appear to be one because of her many lies and she may not admit it but yes she is somewhat one. She stayed true to herself and to everyone. She didn’t try to be someone she is not even if there were pressures and a matter of life or death. An Amity, a not so likely character of her if you’ll imagine because she always have a gun with her but when you really think of it, what made her fight in the first place? What made her revolt a minute after she discovered that something is not right? The end result will always to end the lies and have peace. That’s one of the reasons she is fighting, she is fighting for peace. Lastly, every fiber in her being is screaming for Dauntless. I don’t think I have to explain this part. All of the books in this trilogy/series has always something about the bravery of Beatrice.
  • Christina- I admire her for being a good friend and also for being able to forgive Beatrice from killing her love, Will. She was able to set it aside and put front her love for Beatrice. 
  • Cara- the same with Christina. She put past the tension between her and Beatrice and the thing about his brother being killed by Beatrice.
  • Caleb- The misunderstood character. He betrayed his sister, a perfect reason to hate every bit of him but I don’t know, I pity him. I just have an idea in my mind that maybe he was gonna save her on the last minute but Peter came to the picture and cut his work for him.
  • Uriah- I like how he still can smile despite all the bad things that kept on happening to them. I know most of the times he was faking it but I like how he tries to uplift his spirit instead of letting it swallow him.
  • Four- I made him last because with his character I feel like it’s hard to say something about him and get him. He is messed up. Like Christian Grey, he is fifty shades of grey but not as deep and dark as Mr. Grey though. I like how he loves Beatrice so much. I think that’s what every girl wants. A man who can fight and stand up for himself and for others, a man you can feel safe with. Though I don’t like his transition, from being a serious dauntless leader to a ‘lovey dovey’ boyfriend of Beatrice, it was too quick for me.

And with the loved characters of the book comes the favorite quotes from the book. Mine were at the last few pages.

The funny one:

“Sometimes, all it takes to save people from a terrible fate is one person willing

to do something about it. Even if that ‘something’ is a fake bathroom break.”-Four

The more serious one:

“There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes bravery involves laying down your life for something bigger than yourself, or for someone else. Sometimes it involves giving up everything you have ever known, or everyone you have ever loved, for the sake of something greater. But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it is nothing more than gritting your teeth through pain, and the work of every day, the slow walk

toward a better life…”-Four

So I guess it’s time for us Divergent series fans to move on. It’s time for me to leave Chicago and all my friends there and end their story and my journey and move on to the next. 

A fresh new start. :)

What 2013 taught me.

Yes, like everyone else I am also doing a year end review of 2013. 2013 was an eye opener for me. My first year being a non student individual whose life doesn’t revolve only in ‘school’ anymore. I got to experience many things like walking under the hot summer day to look for a job, living independently, cooking my own meals, washing my own clothes, cleaning, worrying about the bills, going for weekly groceries, and wandered east to west just to look for a place to stay. It might be shallow for you but being the youngest and living in a comfortable life with nothing to worry about but doing good at school, that’s a huge deal. It’s sort of fulfilling and something to be proud of. So to start off. –Yes we haven’t started yet.

  1. 1.       Give everything a chance. Even if at first it scares you (whatever it is) but don’t let this feeling ruin the possibilities of something good. Give it a chance and give it time. You never know you just might love it.
  2. 2.       Some things might seem easy but they are really not. Still not a reason for you to give up. If you really want something then you should also prepare yourself to fight for it.
  3. 3.       They rarely go as planned. If something seems to not go as planned remember that it’ll all make sense in time. Everything happens for a reason and for the better. You just don’t know it yet. Faith is just what you should have.
  4. 4.       Know how to accept defeat. I know they always tell us to ‘fight’ and keep on pushing but a fighter also knows when to stop and accept defeat. It’s not every time you win. Remember, you win some, you lose some.
  5. 5.       Family comes first. Always. Yes I am an ambitious person but when it comes to family I’ll leave it all and still choose them. For what it’s worth.
  6. 6.       People are not the same. Expect the worst from them. In my journey through 2013 I was able to go to places and met a lot of people. Through that experience I realized that in this life, in this world you will meet people who doesn’t share the same principles as you do and with that being said you should learn to respond to them, learn to adapt and respect them even if you don’t share the same opinion. And if they begin to get intolerable then learn how to act about it and keep in mind that the best thing to get back at them is to be kind.
  7. 7.       Don’t expect too much, you’ll just end up disappointed. Often you do. Like myself I always expect too much from others to the point that I tend to be ‘feelingera’ –a  slang for a person who likes to assume too much. I know I said earlier to give everything a chance, yes that’s true but not too much or too high. Just enough to get you by.

Well I guess that’s it. I know some of what I’ve listed is a bit controversial. It doesn’t go the same with everybody.  What I can only say is that we do have bad times and as weird as it sounds we should be thankful for our bad times. Why? For without the bad times we can never learn. So live life, enjoy good times, have bad times and grow from there. Thank you 2013 and Happy 2014 everyone! :)



Ithas been a thing of mine since last year to post something on my birthday (December 27) but unfortunately I wasn’t able to because I was busy preparing for the thing I thought was going to happen that day but didn’t happen. I guess I was again being my usual ‘feelingera’ self. –I really have to do something about this already though.  I often end up wrong then gets disappointed afterwards. 

Anyway, I can’t believe that I am 23 years old now.  More over I can’t believe I’m in my early 20s already. I always thought that I will always be a teenager. Well, I know it is foolish to think of but I guess I never really push the idea that I’ll eventually get older than what my age was. When I turned 22 last year it was sort of not too much to take even though I didn’t want my age to grow by another  year  but still it didn’t feel worst than I do right now. Maybe because there was a song about my being 22 (22 by Taylor Swift) that’s why I felt sorta ok about it but this time there is no song about being 23 for me to feel good for. Is there? Can someone please make one so I don’t have to feel bad being 23. *laughs

Now thinking about it, what’s really the difference being 22 or 23? Because I don’t feel any different. Maybe when you try to compare yourself when you were 19 and to how old you are right now then you will notice a difference about your personality, about how you see life or how you decide on things and vice versa. The gap is long that’s why you can notice a difference or a growth in that person. But 22 to 23? I think it will just be the same. It’s just my opinion though. I guess maybe it’s too early to say. I just turned 23 last December 27 so I am like fresh out the oven.

But I really hope that I can accomplish more than when I was 22. I hope that now that I am 23 years old my life will start to keep moving so I can start working on my dream list. I hope I can get a job already.  I always wanted to travel so I hope I can do that now that I am 23, when I am still in between not too young and not too old. I think its better this age than when you are older. It’s still considered cool. Well it is always cool to travel but it’s cooler when you can travel at this age, when you are still young. You start young so you will be able to visit more places, right? I hope that I’ll have a better pay on my future job. Oh please! So I can buy myself a new laptop where for me to blog and a cell phone with camera and Instagram . It doesn’t matter if it’s android or an apple as long as it has a good camera installed.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the rest of 2013. Savor the last days, mend broken strings, make up with old enemies and try to re-write your 2013 if it didn’t went good for you. You still have time. Don’t wait until you can no longer do then regret it afterwards. Let yourself have a good review about 2013. :)


  A, 23

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December 23, 2013
Never look on the gray areas of a person. Always look at their totality.

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